10 tips to help you during your ‘Work From Home’ phase!

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Working from home, a new trend and necessity in today’s world. Lets all agree that when the idea of ‘WFH’ started, we were all overexcited – that finally we get paid while working from the comfort of our homes. No commuting through the peak traffic hours, no waking up early morning and applying make up or dressing up for office, no need to meet and greet our bosses and colleagues formally or even those who we find a bit annoying (secretly)! It all seemed amazing right.

As the days pass by, comes the realization that work from home could become a fulltime solution for many companies, at least for a certain percentage of their employees. We’re already seeing some big organizations making this change!

But its been a little over 3 months that we’ve been working from home now. Sometimes I find myself missing my office, and other days – I’m glad I with this change.

To a lot of us working in the non-technical field, it feels great to work from home. We can conveniently shift our ‘imaginary office desk’ from our living room to our bedroom in minutes. We can watch tv or Netflix while making a presentation, attend a zoom meeting while wearing a formal shirt with our night pyjamas, or have a lunch/tea break at whatever time we want. The working men and women who have families, they get to spend more time with their children, it’s no more a juggle between choosing between family and work.

IT IS A LOT MORE CONVENIENT. But for a lot of people who are into the technical zone – it may not be possible. But nothing is as easy as it seems.

Let’s talk about some of hitches of working from home.

  • Some companies are taking this chance to burden the employees with much more work than usual. Lesser commute time, lesser time for break equals to more work load from the bosses and teams.

  • You have to work while handling your kids, house chores and other things. You might have to multi-task more than usual. In an office, you get to focus on your work completely which is not the scene at home.

  • Sometimes, you lose the balance. You may tend to spend your days doing other activities and end up working late at night because you don’t have anyone watching over you. The motivation to work could lessen if you feel a bit too comfortable at your house set up.

  • At times you can engross yourself so much into work, that you may end up avoiding house chores and house responsibilities.

Overall, if one asks me – I am more than happy with working from home. I can finish all my work, and still have enough time to work on my influencing and blogging. The only trick is to find the right balance. Out of the 5-6 days of working, 2 days at office and 4 days from home – would be ideal right? Well, till the time this dream comes true…

Here are a few tips that would help you dealing with this phase:

  • Try to maintain a balance, fix your daily work timings. Try to maintain them as much as possible.

  • There will be many distractions working from home, try to make a work desk/space with the least disturbance.

  • Take breaks in between, just like you would at your office.

  • Take a shower and feel fresh when you start your work in the morning. It’ll take away the laziness.

  • Keep a separate time for your house chores or duties. Don’t think that you can juggle in between, it may end up with you not focusing on your work.

  • Try to set up a boundary or time between which your employer or colleagues can call you. Yes, you may work till late night to finish some work, but attending calls and disturbing your partner, family members isn’t the right way.

  • As tempting as it sounds, watching Netflix/tv while having lunch is a good idea. But continuing that for longer and keeping the work hanging is not good. Fix your lunch timing, and keep it the same every day.

  • You may feel extra pressure sometimes, because it is a huge change and your parents or family now want you to participate and help around the house as well – but understand that it is okay if you need an off one day. Be clear with your work people, that even though you’re home, you are still working and need an off someday just like regular office days.

  •  This might be the only time you can do things which you have wanted to. If you feel like your whole day is about waking up, working and back to sleep – add some extra activities in the start or middle of the day to jazz up things.

  • You may miss your office sometimes, your colleagues and your chai time talks which include various topics from office gup to politics. Keep sometime aside every couple of days where you’ll can do a fun zoom call and catch up too. Working buddies are a big part of our life, after all before all this happened – we spent the maximum time with them right!

If you have any more suggestions or tips which can help us cope with this change, comment below and let me know!




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