How to deal with ‘homesickness’ during lock-down.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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Homesick – this is my story today. Its been more than 40 days since the lockdown in India started. And these days have changed my thinking and life in a way where it made me realize the importance of the smaller moments and things in life.

Among the things I learnt, I’m going to talk about Family today. Coming from someone who is staying away from parents and family, not knowing when I can meet them next, can be really tougg and it’s been a while since I’m feeling homesick.

The gloomy feelings, the thoughts about missing family, everything you call home – it can happen to any one at any point.

Would you agree if I said that missing family and all the stress we’re anyway going through, is making us wish that we had spent a little more time with them, appreciated them a little more than we already do. For me, staying far away from them just adds up to these feelings.

But then who would have thought that we would end up in a situation like this, teaching us not to take anything for granted.

Maybe it’s the fact that I cant just hop on to a flight and meet them, or maybe the scare that the virus is creeping into every city at a rapid speed and I cant take care of my family at such a time, or maybe that they’re not around to take care of me.

Whatever be the point, at such a hard time which everyone is going through, we need love and support and who else is better at that than our parents, siblings, our family!

For all those who are away from their home, this write up is for you’ll. Because I feel the same, and this might help you guys get through this tough time.

Some simple steps you can take to feel a bit less homesick:

  1. Focus on the positive. Start your day on a positive note and be thankful that you’re safe and so is your family, so what if you’re away from each other at the moment. You have all the essentials that you need, try to see the positivity in each situation.

  2. Wake up each day, get ready/have a bath and get to work (or work from home). Let it be related to office, a hobby, cooking etc, anything. Don’t be lazy and the most important is to keep yourself active and busy. So what if you don’t step out of the house, does not mean you cant dress up and feel good about yourself at home.

  3. Call your parents regularly, but make sure to not overdo it. They are worried about you, and so are you – but understand that you need to give yourself and them a break from constantly talking about the same things – covid, lockdown, stress of you being away from them. Let them know that you’re keeping yourself busy and are doing well.

  4. Write it down. I’ve realized that writing down feelings in a diary/notes is a great way of dealing with emotional stress and situations. We write what we feel, not conscious that someone else might know our true feelings/judge us or simply know what we’re going through; which helps in letting out emotions well.

  5. Yes you’re stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean that you only confide yourself to your room and come out just to use the kitchen. Use the living room to watch a movie on tv instead of Netflix on your laptop in bed. Laying in bed all day, or just cooping yourself to one room may trigger negatives and make you feel low.

  6. Weekends were for friends, and now each day seems like a weekend. So why not dedicate a day or two in a week to just family and friends and have your own version of a house part, family jam. Play a game or two while video calling your loved ones, sing songs, remember the better times.

  7. Do a workout at home everyday, keep yourself healthy. It maybe 20 mins of Yoga, or 30 mins of walking around the house while chatting with friends. Pick a new dance form on youtube, or just start with skipping. Keeping your body healthy is as important as keeping your mind healthy.

  8. Take time out to make yourself feel better, physically and emotionally. Listen to songs that pep you up, give yourself a DIY spa treatment, read books that let you forget the outside world, experiment with cooking new dishes, cultivate a new hobby.

In the end, we have to remember to see the bright side. Plan the amazing things you would love to do with your family once you meet them, patiently wait for happier times.

Feel free to comment below to share your viewpoints, or what you do when you feel homesick.



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